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“A MOVEMENT FOR THE FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE AND SOCIALLY AWAKE. Progressive Conservatives USA was founded by Joseph Cunningham, a global macro economist and political enthusiast. Mr. Cunningham is a former Economist with Polyconomics, a think-tank started by Jude Wanniski, one of the founders of Supply-Side Economics. Mr. Cunningham endorses many supply-side principals but believes that, in economics, there are different solutions for different seasons. Where one set of policies may have worked during a certain era, another set of policies will be required at another time. Certain core principles do transcend all eras, namely: strong and stable dollar, moderate but effective regulation, a more flat-tax regime, a social contract that expands shareholder’s to stakeholder, smaller government, and helping our fellow countrymen in real need. Mr. Cunningham is an expert in the emerging markets and has lived in Europe and Asia. He has studied extensively the institutions that best function across the globe. He is the founder and CEO of Worldview Capital where he advises portfolio investors on how to prioritize their international investment strategy to channel funds into the best managed countries. Like so many of you, he simply has had enough. He feels both parties have been hijacked by extreme elements that render the US political system incapable of facing the enormous challenges before us. Instead of simply complaining, Mr. Cunningham formed Progressive Conservatives USA with like-minded Americans. Today, the objective is to raise centrist solution sets and to endorse like-minded candidates nationwide, at every political level. Progressive Conservatives USA, is a 501(c)4 non-profit headquartered in Minneapolis.

E Pluribis Unum

"Out of Many, One."

E Pluribas unum is the 13-letter phrase on the Great Seal of the United Sates - translated, "Out of many, one." What has happen to give this great country a grid locked congress a President Donald Trump and candidate Hillary Clinton? We forgot that out of many we are are but one country, one people and one shinning example to the world. In 2017, the old political order is dead but they didn’t care about you anyway. It’s time for American democracy 2.0, the purple revolution! Leave the Democratic Party to the wacky left wingers and the Republican party to right-wing lunatics. The Progressive Conservatives movement will seize the middle to win a new day for the American people and a brighter future for the American enterprise. It's all about us and its about time. Please support our efforts.

Trending Center-right

Using our proprietary Pro/Con Scoring System, we screen office holders and candidates to endorse those trending center-right. We score the social and economic philosophy to gain insight on individual rights, domestic issues, defense issues and economic issues.

Rick Nolan

US Congress- 8th district MN
for H.J.Res.48 – Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States providing that the rights extended by the Constitution are the rights of natural persons only.

Tulsi Gabbard

Democratic Rep from Hawaii
Tulsi Gabbard is a Bernie supporter and a progressive darling—and yet her stances on standard liberal issues like gun rights and immigration are starting to converge with those of Donald J. Trump.

Benjamin Sasse

Republican Senator Nebraska.
Smart no nonsense kind of politician. Defiantly right of center. A potential star for the Republicans. We score him left of the pundits for his willingness to press for common sense solutions and willingness to take on Trump.
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